About Us

DiMention Recruitment has elite employment specialists who are committed to finding human resource solutions for the legal industry. We are the best in the business at matching professional candidates with the strategic objectives of employers.

Our Services

At DiMention Recruitment, we focus on understanding and improving your human resources’ productivity and quality by ensuring the right number of employees, with suitable skills and behaviours, are in place to deliver.

Job Seekers

DiMention Recruitment has a team of professionals that understand that everyone wants something different out of their next job. If you are interested in a support role or professional role, we are focused on finding the right firm for you.


We are dedicated to supporting employers in recruitment for the legal industry in all areas of law, for both Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. We are committed to advising and assisting each and every client to find the perfect candidate for their unique practice and corporate culture.


DiMention Recruitment was established by Diane Macleod over 10 years ago. Since then, we have helped businesses solve productivity problems through recruiting the finest talent and helping candidates find their dream career. Read more about our story in the link below.

  • DiMention Difference

    The DiMention Difference is about having a team that is approachable, highly experienced, commercially minded and passionate about the legal industry. Our team has a proven track record for over 10 years, and has built a reputation as being a trusted partner with law firms that combines honesty and integrity at the heart of the business. Our team considers your practice requirements from all angles and dimensions and provides customised solutions to ensure that you experience the DiMention Difference at all times.

  • Future Opportunities

    We might not have your dream job today, but we might tomorrow! We will add your CV to our organised database and reconsider every applicant for every opening. It’s only a matter of time before we find the perfect position for you!

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee to find the right candidate for any opening, every time! If our candidate isn’t the perfect fit, we won’t rest until we find the one that is. At Dimention Recruitment we believe there is ‘someone out there for everyone’ – and we intend to find them for you.

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